Anonymous asked: ok thanks for the help :) what about exercise? or would it be too much?xx

I think that totally depends on how much you are exercising right now. If you’re a couch potato like me then go easy! I do a lot of walking and yoga. I don’t even try anything more intense unless it’s a higher calorie day.  On my 800 days I will do some cardio (like jogging) and lift some weights. Try to life weights if you can. Don’t worry about getting big. It will just help you firm up. I think the most important thing is just doing something you like!

Anonymous asked: sounds good, would it work if i did 2468 and didnt fast? x

I think it will totally work without fasting! Just make sure to drink plenty of water.  I also take a multivitamin and that helps keep my energy level up.  Also, I recommend making your calories healthy calories.  You can eat a lot of healthy food for your daily allotment but if you only eating a candy bar then you will be starving. Also, caffeine will be your best friend!

Anonymous asked: how is the 2468 diet going? i want to try it but 468 instead x

It’s going really well!!! I’ve lost 7 pounds in about a week. I don’t completely fast on the fast days.  Instead, I just do a liquid fast and drink tea, chicken broth, and hot chocolate. It keeps me from getting too hungry. So far, I’m really liking this diet and I feel like I can stick to it for a long time. Good luck on your diet! If you need any support, I’m always here!!!

Oh my god. Her figure is perfect! I’m working so hard to look like this one day.

Oh my god. Her figure is perfect! I’m working so hard to look like this one day.

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